Happy Joe's Pizza Franchise OpportunityHappy Joe's Pizza Franchise OpportunityHappy Joe's Pizza Franchise Opportunity

Four Great Ways to Market Your Happy Joe’s Family Entertainment Franchise

October 13, 2023
pizza franchise marketing
pizza boxpizza in the boxHappy Joe's Pizza Franchise Opportunity

pizza franchise marketingAs a Happy Joe’s franchisee, you can count on plenty of expert and ongoing franchisor support to help you establish and grow your pizza and family entertainment franchise. This includes our regular marketing efforts that will help get the word out about your business. But you’ll want to take the lead when it comes to local marketing, in part because you know your community well, and you’ll want to stay involved in it as much as possible. In the 50 years we’ve been in pizza business, we’ve learned a thing or two about how you can reach your best customers, and here, we’ll take a look at four smart ways to do so.




Share Your Story

Getting out and about in your community and networking with other business owners is one of the best ways of sharing everything your family fun center franchise has to offer. Being the face of your business is important — you will be its biggest champion — and a great place to share more about your franchise is at your local Chamber of Commerce.  

Chambers provide regular opportunities to meet new people, chat with community leaders, and converse with other business owners. Chambers also frequently offer members free or discounted marketing services, access to advice from business coaches, and other resources not otherwise available, making your membership an even smarter move.

Sponsor Important Initiatives

The Happy Joe’s brand has always been about putting people, especially kids, first, and toward that end, we’ve sponsored important causes through our nonprofit Happy Joe’s Kids Foundation. Owning your family entertainment franchise will be the perfect opportunity for you to help with local fundraising initiatives and to sponsor food drives, contests, sports teams, and more. These efforts not only confirm your commitment to your community and position you as a leader in it but will help get the word out about your franchise — for a true win-win!

Get Social

These days, there’s hardly a person who doesn’t engage with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. In fact, it’s estimated that there are 4.9 billion social media users across the globe, so it doesn’t take much to appreciate the potential of using it as a marketing tool. As one of the fastest-growing pizza franchise opportunities available, we’ve long known the importance of utilizing social media to help get the word out about our brand, and as a Happy Joe’s franchisee, you can do the same, too.


Social media is the perfect platform to talk about those sponsorships we just discussed, specials you’ve got going, menu items you’d like to promote, and much more. If you don’t have time to manage these platforms yourself, consider hiring someone who does, as it will be well worth the investment.

Make the Customer King (or Queen)!

It might sound a little old-fashioned (and we’re okay with that!), but smart business owners know — the customer is king (or queen)! When you focus on creating a great customer experience, you go a very long way toward growing your franchise and getting the word out about just how fun-tastic it is!

Customer service is especially important in the quick-service restaurant industry because it’s a fast-paced and competitive one, and you’ll want to immediately set yourself apart by paying attention to the needs and satisfaction of your guests. When you do, you’ll generate positive word of mouth, and that’s something you simply can’t buy. 


Marketing your restaurant franchise to reach your best customers is essential to business growth, so it's important to dedicate a certain amount of time every week to doing just that. Our franchise experts are a great resource, and you can always reach out to them for suggestions, tips, and important feedback. We know the continued success of the Happy Joe's brand is very much dependent on your success, so we don't leave that to chance. From the very first day of your franchise, we're with you to help you get started and leverage our time-tested business model to keep you the go-to source for great food and happy memories!


To find out more about franchising with Happy Joe’s and how we can help you market your franchise, contact us today!

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