Happy Joe's Pizza Franchise OpportunityHappy Joe's Pizza Franchise OpportunityHappy Joe's Pizza Franchise Opportunity

Don’t Let These Franchising Myths Keep You from Taking Advantage of Our Pizza Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

October 26, 2023
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Happy Joe's Pizza and Ice Cream FranchiseEvery day, entrepreneurs across the country choose the franchise model to start their businesses over going it alone, and for good reasons. Pizza restaurant franchises, like Happy Joe’s, come with built-in training and support and can mean a faster return on investment, and today, there are over 750,000 franchise businesses in the United States.

But while millions of people shop at franchises, eat at franchises, and live near them, there are some myths about doing business as a franchisee that might discourage someone from taking advantage of a franchising opportunity. Let’s take a look at a few of those myths right now and bust them!



Myth: You Need Industry Experience

Many potential franchisees believe that for them to see success, they need to come to an opportunity with industry experience. The good news is, while that’s certainly helpful, thanks to our expert training and support, you won’t need prior quick-service restaurant (QSR) experience. We’ll make sure that before you open your franchise doors, you’ll enjoy comprehensive training that will go over all aspects of running the day-to-day operations of your family entertainment restaurant. 

After your doors open, you can count on ongoing support from our Happy Joe's team, too, to ensure you stay on track toward success and that you’re leveraging our business model to the fullest. We know starting out and staying on solid footing is key to your success, and we don’t leave that up to chance. 


Myth: You’ll Be Making a Risky Investment

Starting any business carries with it a certain amount of risk. But franchises are statistically less risky endeavors because of all the effort the franchisor has already invested in them. Kinks have been worked out, best practices have been put in place, and the business model acts as a sort of roadmap for franchisees to follow, taking a lot of the guesswork out of day-to-day operations.

 Of course, no brand can guarantee a franchisee’s ultimate success. But when you partner with Happy Joe’s to open your casual restaurant franchise, you’ll be able to leverage our decades of experience and our deep knowledge of the QSR industry. Having access to our expertise and resources takes a lot of the work and worry out of starting your restaurant, freeing you up to focus on customer service and growth!


Myth: You Won’t Have Freedom

A common myth about the franchisor/franchisee relationship is that it’s a constraining one, one that doesn’t allow for franchisee freedom and autonomy. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

While all franchise brands do have specific guidelines and procedures that franchisees must follow, the fact is, when it comes to opening a national pizza franchise with Happy Joe’s, our business model allows for a lot of individuality. Among other things, you’ll decide who to hire, how you want to structure your time at your restaurant, and how you can engage with your community to become a valued business partner through programs and initiatives that build goodwill and brand presence.


Myth: You Won’t Be an Owner

This is a myth we’d like to debunk right here and now! As a Happy Joe’s franchisee, you will own your franchise and ultimately be responsible for its success or failure. While it’s true that you’ll be operating under a contract with us, called a franchise agreement, and following our proven processes and procedures, as outlined in our time-tested business model, you’ll own and operate your casual restaurant franchise as you see fit, hiring who you want, working the hours that you want, and marketing your franchise in ways that you think will reach you best customers. You’ll be bringing your unique skills, experience, and creativity to your Happy Joe’s franchise, which can contribute to your success while you adhere to our guidelines.


Myth: You Don’t Need to Be Involved

Because the franchise model comes with so many built-in benefits, some potential franchisees think all they need to do is invest in one, and the rest will just fall into place. While our franchisees do benefit from our proven processes, brand recognition, and our comprehensive support, it’s not a guarantee that your franchise will succeed. Your success will depend very much on your involvement, as well as where your franchise is located (and we’ll help you find the right location for your new restaurant), who your competition is, your marketing efforts, and more.

A franchise is like any other small business — it needs an owner’s time and attention to reach its full potential, which means you can’t just set it and forget it. Your ongoing effort and dedication will be required to build a successful franchise business.


It’s a fact — a Happy Joe’s pizza franchise investment is one of the best in the industry! To find out more about our franchise offering and why you should become part of our brand family, contact us today!

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